Dili Unrest #3

As I said last time, better not to move. Its OK where I am.

A friend dropped around to say that things in the area surrounding his workplace have heated up and he received reports which suggested that weapons have gone missing from a nearby military camp to the east of Dili. He also reported gunfire between the military and the police in the Comorro area, a suburb in the west of Dili. (Note : the OZ Embassy is in this area.)

From a separate source, we have been told that things in the Comorro area have heated up and that locals are extremely worried. The reports suggest that many have already sought refuge at the US Embassy which is located in the same general area.

There is no doubt that tensions are high and people are expecting trouble tonight and tomorrow.

To put this all in perspective, the trouble areas are a moving target and if you are not in one of them, you probably do not know what is going on. However, the local communications are such that news travels fast and perhaps not accurately. The mobile phone network has become completely clogged up and it is difficult to contact people to find out if (a) they are OK and (b) if anything is happening in their general area.

The bicycle shall remain parked where it is for the forseeable future.