Dili Unrest #2

Latest news from an acquaintance who works in the main government buildings (Palacio de Governu) is that windows have been smashed and cars set on fire in the carpark. I don’t know the number of cars involved but my contact thinks around 3 or 4. This news came from a colleague who told my contact to avoid going back to work after lunch.

Having smashed windows and torched cars, there was no suggestion of entering the building or stealing anything.

However, other reports suggest that one of the supermarkets used frequently by foreigners (the Lita supermarket) has closed following trouble and there is a suggestion of looting or at least fear of looting.

At the moment, I am not moving but I may go for a little reccy in an hour or so. At 4pm, there is meant to be some form of deadline, so I shall wait until then.

The mobile phone network remains fully clogged up most of the time. The streets are quiet.