Dili Unrest #4

The usual press outlets have already reported 2 dead and 21 injured. We received a phone call from a Timorese in the current hot area Comorro. People are scared and people have seen smoke rising from the general area.

Lets just say we have bunkered down for the moment.

Nevertheless, I did get through to one of my acquaintances briefly before the line dropped out and she was collecting take-aways to take back to an office farewell party.

There has been absolutely no trouble where I live and I guess there are many who haven’t heard much and just carry one.

An important thing to note is that mobile phones are absolutely useless in these circumstances when everyone is trying to use them to found things out. The network just can not cope.

And earlier reports of weapons taken from a nearby military camp have proven to be incorrect. (Of course, there may be weapons obtained from somewhere else.)

Another acquaintance had his motorbike knocked over while he was having lunch but the bikes either side of his were torched. And he also came out when the police were using tear gas.

It is deathly quiet out there