Dili renovations

Some may have noticed renovations to the “Tais Market” in Colmera.  New roofing and walls plus a sign.  There are a few of those banners strung across the road at a few places promoting the new improved market – courtesy of USAid.

The future Presidential palace building next to the heliport is moving along, as is the new Chinese Embassy building on the seafront.  Perhaps something of more interest is the new 1st floor deck being built at Casa Minha thus providing another venue with views across the road to the sea.

The Aribu Beach Resort (near OceanView Hotel) remains in permanent building mode – one wonders when it will end.

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  1. Hey Squatter,

    I just read that SilkAir will begin a weekly flight to Singapore from Lobato on 22 July. Thought you might like to know.

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