Flying here – update

Fairly soon, AustAsia Airlines will be commencing flights from Singapore to Dili – 1 August, I believe*.  They have been offering opening specials at USD200 (+ taxes) each way for the 1st and 5th August flights, returning by 19 August.  This brings the number of incoming airlines to 3, flying from Darwin, Denpasar (Bali) and Singapore.

One can never really quote a fare as they seem to change all the time but I needed an update as I am fanging for a trip out real soon to recharge the shopping and eating batteries.

Airline Flight Days Departure/Arrival Times
(all in local times)
Approximate Price
Darwin – Dili
Flight Time 1:45
Distance 703 km
Daily AM flights
PM flights on Sat, Mon, Tue, Thu
AM Flights
DRW-DIL 07:00 / 08:15
DIL-DRW 09:00 / 11:15
PM Flights
DRW-DIL 12:00 / 13:15
DIL-DRW 16:45 / 19:00
AUD415 (book ahead) or up to AUD860 with no planning
Denpasar – Dili
Flight Time 1:50
Distance 1139 km
Daily DPS-DIL 10:05 / 12:55
DIL-DPS 13:35 / 14:30

Singapore – Dili
Flight Time 3:50
Distance 2661 km
Starting 1 August.

Aug : two per week (Tue & Fri)
Nov : three per week (Tue, Thu & Sat)

SIN–DIL 09:20 / 14:15
DIL–SIN 15:25 / 18:10
USD820 to 850

* FOS corrected my dates.

5 thoughts on “Flying here – update

  1. Mate, your times are right but I,m afraid your dates are wrong. The inaugural flight is August 1st, MI296 Singapore – Dili 0920/1415.
    They are offering usd 200 oneway (+ taxes) Dili/Sng if taken on August 1st or 5th and return by August 19.

  2. I have just booked a flight with Merpati — I think. However, they told me that I can’t pay now and must pay for the ticket in Bali, but they have reserved a seat for. Is this normal for that airline? I tried to pay for it over the phone but they wouldn’t let me.

  3. Welcome to Merpati. I only know Merpati at this end where it is all over the counter. I would think this is quite normal. Merpati are not IATA (?) approved so your experience will vary. Bring your own seat belt !!

    Correction : business transactions are over the counter, not the staff.

  4. Hi Squatter,

    Thanks for the excellent summary!!!
    And yes, Merpati is indeed an ‘experience’ 🙂

    p.s. the airlines’ links aren’t working cos it follows after your url.

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