Mid-year budget update background info

We all seem to know that there is an extra mid-year budget update process going on which at this stage represents a 122% increase in the budget allocation.  As always it is best to know your facts and Lao Hamutuk have kindly made some official documents plus some responses available on their web site.

Some days you just shouldn’t get out of bed.  I got sunburnt on Sunday and felt like a cooked prawn yesterday.  I had 3 bicycle flat tyres – (1) the original hole, (2) the faulty replacement inner tube and (3) my 1st repair to the original hole failed.  I am down to less than 10 minutes to do a tyre change now – something I have always aspired to !!!???

2 thoughts on “Mid-year budget update background info

  1. Squatter,

    I caught this item in a websearch and tried to find a contact for you, both on the web and through the Hash. My name is Bob (or ‘Fudget’ from the Honiara Hash House Harriers) and I may (if fortune smiles) be coming to Dili next year, from the bliss of the Solomon Islands.

    Could you send me an email so we can start a bit of a conversation?

    Love your blog, it makes me wish I’d persisted here.

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