For some, little gems

If you follow that small lane on the left of Dili Beach Hotel and head towards Comorro Road, there is a little warung on your right a couple of hundred metres before Comorro Road.  Almost completely out of malae-land, looks quaint & promising.

On a similar quaint note, the little ice-cream shop across from Carla Mansions in Motael/Palopaso/whatever is no more.  Sad really.  I hope it is because he has moved somewhere else.

Had a nice lunch at Bangkok Spice 2 recently – not bad.  Similarly, the new Tuk Tuk (aka old Thai Jasmine) is doing fine down at Metiaut.  Me thinks the Thais have cracked the code here.

Also went to the photo exhibition across from the OZ Embassy.  Made me think that I have seen a lot of these things as well – just didn’t take the pictures !

One thought on “For some, little gems

  1. Yeah — that warung (Genivan? weird name) is one of my regular lunch spots, and I can recommend it. Cheap, tasty, Indo-Timorese stuff and a nice atmosphere in that little suburban street.

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