I have almost forgotten what has changed lately, having spent far too much time pondering over Dili-gence technical problems in recent weeks.

As one commenter mentioned recently, it does look like the Indian Megha restaurant is closed and I think the Thai Pavilion has also shut its doors. That all comes not long after the Fat Boys closure and the temporary Thai Jasmin closure.  [ADDED : and Carlos (ex-Purple Cow) across from Exotica].

The Jardim IDP camp (ie the one between the port and Hotel Timor) has almost emptied of people and tents. To be honest, the area looks a bit on the post-apocalyptic side today.

The road block near the Memorial Hall by the lighthouse has now been removed, which will take the heat off the roads around Motael. Regular roadblocks outside Hotel Timor seem to be more common these days, presumably because some person deemed to be of note is staying in the hotel.

The odd bits of road repair are occuring. I am sure traffic is the heaviest I have ever seen these days.

The Mr. Timor competition was held last weekend. (Think male bodies, oil and bravado.) I was elsewhere at a farewell function but I am told it was all a bit of a laugh.

The dog bite wound is still slowly healing up. The back is better after the fall 2 weeks ago but the shoulder is not in such good shape – strained ligaments or something. Note to file : do not trip over while running at pace and hit a solid immovable object.

And FOS had a big birthday a couple of weeks back.

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Just FYI, I am in California and checked your blog a week or so ago, and I was surprised to find only your first entry in May and perhaps one other. I’m glad I’ve been able to read all of the others now. Hopefully, everything is fine now!

    Any comments on all the pardoning that is going on there?


  2. I am still getting over the 3 weeks or so of technical issues. It might take a few more days before I get over it and get back to the usual drivel.

    I think the President can reduce sentences but not fully pardon. There are not too many people who think it is all a good idea. I imagine international security forces are not too happy spending so much money to get things under control and the bad guys are getting light sentences. Most Timorese think it is a bit soft. And who wouldn’t want to live in the premises where the rebel leaders are being held right now ?

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