OK, now we might be OK again

I thought everything was back under control but it appears that there was a misunderstanding between myself and my web hosting provider.  My provider went way above expectations in trying to help me out when Dili-gence disappeared off the TL internet map but somewhere along the line, he got the DNS messed up.

It is normal for there to be 2 DNS servers for a domain which provide the translation from “wombathole.com” to an IP address.  Somewhere along the line, he had one pointing to the old server and one to the new.  So sometimes I could post (to the new) and sometimes I couldn’t – depended on whichever server I got.

When a reader pointed this out to me, I asked the provider to fix it and clearly asked him to shift the web site to the new server where my posts were going.  I really meant point both DNS servers to the new server.  So he copied the contents of the old server to the new and I lost quite a few posts.  I have put them back but lost a few readers comments along the way.

It has been a bad 2 or 3 weeks for the technical background stuff.

One thought on “OK, now we might be OK again

  1. Glad you are back and firing on two channels in usual curmudgeonly fashion. Did we miss anything going on in Dili?

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