Restaurants and the tremors

Looks like Megha Indian was just on holidays and it is back open.  Carlos (ie the 1st restaurant on the left in the Metiaut strip) has closed the beach road side of the operation and installed a flasher eatery across the road in the main building.

Sol e Mar (my favourite juice bar) has renovated its operation and the bit by the beach is now a flasher area but have yet to try.  The Atlantic Grill has also heavily developed its beach-side setup although it is a bit too formal for my taste.

I think there is a new Thai restaurant next to Sabai Sabai at Metiaut and I guess it is the new Tuk Tuk restaurant (ex Thai Jasmin) but no sign yet when I last went past.

If I am not mistaken, there was a little earth tremor at 10:45 pm last night.


The quake had a magnitude of 6.4 and struck 289 kilometres east of Dili at a depth of about 120 kilometres around 10:42 pm (1342 GMT).

3 thoughts on “Restaurants and the tremors

  1. Beware of flasher bars in earthquakes – could have serious results with zips and the like. And I just thought you were going there for the lime juice!

  2. Hi

    What a great site. My partner and I are moving from Phnom Penh to Dili and were wondering whether it’s best to bring our electrical appliances with us or sell them and buy new ones in Dili. I heard there is a Harvey Norman so tried looking for in – but can’t find a web address. I was hoping to see prices of microwaves and televisions etc. The other thing we were wondering whether to bring from here is our blue plant pots – or whether you can buy big terracota pots or glazed pots in Dili.

    Any help would be great.



  3. Firstly, there is no Harvey Norman and has not been one for 3+ years. If you have quality appliances, bring them. Do not expect to be able to buy a known brand name of anything like that here. You will not find a web address for any commercial business like that here so forget it. (Except for a couple pitched at foreigners like dive shops and the odd hotel.)

    Yes, you can buy plant pots here – don’t worry about that. Just don’t get uptight if you can’t find them on day one. Terracotta, yes. Glazed, I don’t think so.

    Yes, you can buy unknown obscure electrical stuff and the longevity will vary. Power is highly variable and the standard 230 volts is never reached unless you have a generator. Expect 170 to 215 volts. Some electrics do not like running for long periods at 170 volts.

    Expect to acquire voltage regulators and maybe a UPS to protect some appliances. Good luck. I can’t make “do I ship?” decisions for you. For all I know you might have struck up an unbreakable relationship with your Russell Hobbs kettle.

    The road between Phnom Penh and here seems to getting well worn now – in both directions.

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