Interview with a gecko on the wall

The new 30-day 10pm to 6am curfew is now bedded down but not before a few dodgy incidents with police outside of curfew hours (ie police over-zealousness).  The TL military and police are quite active now and it seems all armed to the hilt. This does tend to make one nervous given these 2 groups were not exactly seeing eye to eye in 2006. It seemed to take the TL police boys a couple of days to get the hang of 10pm curfew. Heavily tinted car windows are no longer flavour of of the month – they became hugely popular after 2006.

The new army/police merger – called joint command (I think) has resulted in the joint command HQ now in Memorial Hall in Farol and the boys have decided to block off that section of the beach road including the hall, Timor Sea Designated Authority, Thai Embassy and Motael Church.

From time to time, one sees truckloads of joint command speeding around town with sirens blaring. No sign of any security problems at all so it is assumed that they are late for lunch or something.

Despite the now ridiculously inaccurate weather forecasts on OZ radio and TV, it has not rained for several days.  At this time of year, these forecasts are pointless really.

Fortunately, this has meant no further deterioration in road conditions. The beach road outside the Malaysian Embassy is pretty bad as are some huge holes in the road down past Sabia restaurant (the new name for Bangkok Thai/Soupy’s which is under new ownership). The waves have chewed away under the seawall leaving a Moris Mini sized hole for the unwary. A couple more storms and it could have been interesting.

Obviously sorting out the events of 2 weeks ago is still a work-in-progress. I think a bit of sarcasm may get the geckos talking. But can’t expect much as the flies on the wall never ratted.