Blowing out the cobwebs

Forgive me lord for I have sinned in that I raised my middle finger in protest at the truck bearing down on me at full speed while I was innocently cycling on MY side of the road.  I apologise for keeping said finger in vertical position while heading off into the dirt to avoid aforementioned truck while it was performing an unnecessary overtaking manoeuvre on beach road when a 2 second wait would have provided a clear road ahead devoid of cyclist with middle finger raised in forlorn protest.  I also regret cursing this event in the seconds afterwards and hurling abuse about the flashing headlights which were obviously subtle encouragement for me to vacate MY side of the road.

I am better now … but I have to give some credit for UN drivers who these days seem to have complied with requests not to speed and perform ridiculous manoeouvres like unknown non-UN truck driver above.  Well, they are better anyway.

Be that as it may (whatever that means) it gave me incentive to blow the cobwebs out this week.  Recently I attended 2 functions courtesy of the Kebab Club (near the ANZ bank) and I have to give the place pretty good marks for the food.  I also visited the Atlantic Grill down near Christo Rei and it seems to be cutting a more refined image in that neck of the woods.  Nevertheless, I reverted to the old favourite CazBar next door which was more in keeping with my standard of dress and demeanour.

There is no doubt that the little bay containing Caz Bar, Atlantic Grill and Sol e Mar (my favourite juice bar) is the choice relaxation spot with a neat little beach and the picture perfect orientation to capture the absolutely magnificent sunsets. Provided you can find a car parking spot, a perfect place to blow out the cobwebs before curfew.  Cobwebs blown.

3 thoughts on “Blowing out the cobwebs

  1. Courtesy of Google News alerts, I get to see most of these. There is no doubt that statistically August is the best month of the year from a pollution point of view. But for those training now, they will be finding that March/April is the worst partly because the usual pollution is enhanced by the natural stirring up of Gobi desert dust at this time of year.

    The athletes would also be finding that the air is extremely dry and a plentiful supply of moisturizer is a must to avoid cracking of the hands and other body parts.

    The Chinese government have measures that they can implement to significantly reduce man-made pollution. Almost impossible in the west, they can keep cars off the road, close down factories etc. and generally move heaven and earth. While this is a handy power to have, if you are only going to pull off this one for the Olympics, its really just cosmetic isn’t it ?

  2. Thanks for the extra info. It’ll be interesting to see how the athletes cope. Paula Radcliffe is reported to be training in a mask to simulate the conditions! Hopefully it’s better than Athens though I fear not. As a native Mancunian I never understood why my city’s bid for the games was derided because of our notoriously ‘mild’ summers. 20 degrees and occasional rain seems to me rather good weather for physical jerks (cf. commonwealth games 2002). Though triathletes swimming the Manchester ship canal was pushing it a bit.

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