State of siege

I believe the “State of Siege” has now been extended by 30 days. I presume this means the curfew goes along with it, so no night-time movements until 23 March. I decided to look up “State of Siege” in the english version of the constitution (a 68 page downloadable PDF file). I am still not clear and all I could glean from this document is :

  • Suspension of the exercise of fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees
  • Can only be enacted for a maximum of 30 days at a time
  • Parliament can not be dissolved during this period
  • The constitution can not be changed during this period

I think it would be handy to get a bit more detail on what rights, freedoms and guarantees have been foregone. We sort of know that there is an 8pm to 6am curfew and rallies and other public meetings are not on.

I had thought that some of the bar/restaurants would do OK but I am told this is not so. Some restaurants simply are not bothering to open at night and some are taking holidays. The bar/restaurants with accompanying accommodation will probably do better than others. This is going to hurt the food and beverage sector.

The “6 o’clock slam” will probably be institutionalised over the next month, some people will get more sleep and there will probably be a bit of curfew syndrome. I have already heard the term “stir crazy” mentioned several times. A good time for expats to take holidays I reckon.

Those expats who live in modest accommodation with no cooking facilities may do it hard. The One More Bar is offering sleep-overs so you can watch the rugby or whatever then pass out on the floor. Not for me.

AMENDMENT (8:17pm) :  The curfew hours have been altered to 10pm to 6am.  Bars and restaurants rejoice.  Alas, the “6 o’clock slam” may not be quite so exciting.