More Christmas shopping courtesy of Alola

For the cyclists and others that missed the market at Independence Hall last weekend, you have another chance this coming Saturday at the Alola Foundation premises.

Sounds like the same deal. Tais, pots, plants, wallets, bags, furniture, cards, soap, incense etc. Starts at 9am at Alola.

If you are capable of using Google Earth (ie reasonably fast internet connection), you could try my Google Earth Dili landmarks stuff. Otherwise, head towards the hills past the stadium, past the roundabout and Alola is a couple of hundred metres further along on your right. There ought to be a parking nightmare so you shouldn’t miss it.

PSĀ  Cyclists can ignore comment about parking nightmare.

FOS, if you want me to load Google Earth plus my cached satellite imagery onto the FOS mothership computer, a suitable liquid incentive may be a winner.