4 days at the races

A Mr. Chris Head informs me that the race programme for the Timor Cup “carnival” is as follows :

Location : Tasi Tolu racecourse which is just behind the fancy Timorese building all by itself at Tasi Tolu (about 200 metres before the F_FDTL military base)

7/12 1500hrs 1 Cerimonia Abertura, 2. Corrida Eliminatoria be klasse Super no ABCDE
8/12 1500hrs Semi-Final ba klasse Super no Klasse ABCDE
9/12 1500hrs Final ba klasse ABCDE
10/12 1500 hrs 1 Final ba klasse Super no grande Final (Premio major) ba klasse ABCDE 2. Cerimonia Inceramento

It is not clear to me if it is just one race per day but it appears to start this afternoon (a public holiday).  The ANZ Bank are one of the sponsors and they will be putting on some form of food and drink.  I guess we will know the drill* by Saturday.

If you can find a classical music concert, the ballet or opera, feel free to attend those in preference.  But Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo (aka Mr.H, Mr.DD and Mr.S) will be at the races cheering on their faithful steed.

* drill – in this case, “the things that are happening and when”

2 thoughts on “4 days at the races

  1. I know. I try not to be an obscurant but even to use the word obscurant is being an obscurant.

    If I said “behind the Pope House”, who would know what I am talking about. Those who know the Pope House, already know where the racecourse is. However, I concede I should have said “the funny Timorese building all by itself known locally as the Pope House”.

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