Events for the cerebral

There are 3 things I never do in public … these days. They are (1) line dancing, (2) take my clothes off and (3) karaoke.

For those into (3), your place on Saturday 1 December at around 7pm onwards is the Caz Bar. If that turns you on, there will be the 3rd and final round of “Dili Idol” at Jacks Bar on the following Saturday. I will not be attending as I am absolutely certain that like me, there will be some people who should only be singing by themselves in an anechoic chamber.

For the rest of us talentless people, there will be the Dili Cup horse racing meeting on 10 December at Tasi Tolu. I have no details or times but suspect you should bring your own food, drink and portable toilet. And probably your own racehorse.

For the Christmas shoppers, don’t forget the “1st Annual Timor-Leste Asean Trade Expo” at Independence Memorial Hall in Farol (ie across the road from the lighthouse) running from 10am to 6pm on Saturday 1 December AND Sunday 2 December*. You can buy any manner of tais, indoor and outdoor furniture, crafts, oils and soaps etc. etc.

* Thanks FOS for the correction.

3 thoughts on “Events for the cerebral

  1. The only time I sing out loud is at this keyboard.
    The Asean Trade Expo is also running on Sunday 2nd. Fill your Christmas stockings early……

  2. Not a correction mate, just an addendum.
    So how did the Maubisse/Dili cyclo-thong go? Did you win?

  3. Alas, the cyclo-thong* was advertised after I had committed to a weekend in Bali – the last opportunity to get away for the next couple of months.

    So pass. I would have loved to have done it. Having done Gleno to Dili early last year, it would have been a blast.

    * cyclo-thong – a rotating device attached to the groin serving as a combination modesty protection device and stimulator.

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