First Lady Run

I said : “I overtrained”
They said : “You under-trained”

I said : “I must have gone to bed too early”
They said : “Did you go to bed at all?”

I said : “I should have gone to church this morning”
They said : “You wouldn’t know a church if you fell over one”

I said : “I must be allergic to green sports drinks”
They said : “Allergy my ar##”

I said : “Yep, THAT’s what I am allergic to !”

And so went the analysis of my extremely marginal improvement over last year’s performance at the First Lady Cup fun run.

It was a great day, well organised, great band, top effort by all the organisers.

It should be noted that Timorese runners came in the first three in both the mens and the womens.  The ISF had a few places in there and one or two un-military ex-pats.

I am currently in training for next year.  Yeah right !!!

3 thoughts on “First Lady Run

  1. Thanks for all this blog, it is very helpful, and I am really glad to find it.

    Arrived to Dili last week, what do you think?If you would have time to give me some personal infos (beers are mine:-)) that would be higly appreciated..

    kind regards

  2. you should work in my SLS team, as it seems you have been busy doing what they do on a daily basis in the camps in Dili.
    The ones in baucau… we pretend they dont need to empty the septic tanks…
    Tomorrow, LA DIAK (busy in interviews all day, I promise I wont yawn!).
    Quiz night though, coming?

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