More events for the athletes

If you are in Dili and you don’t already know about the 3rd Annual First Lady run, you must live under a rock.  It is on this coming Sunday with an 8am start.  See my previous post.  It is never too late.  Just be there outside the Palacio.

On Saturday 1 December, there will be the “Ride for Peace” bicycle event from Maubisse to Dili.  It will start at 6am from Maubisse which implies an overnight stay in Maubisse with your bicycle, helmet and not much else.  There will be support along the 70km route with drinks etc.  There is no entry fee and there will be a lunch provided at the end.  Watch for more details but again, if you want to do it, just be there in Maubisse at 6am that morning with your bicycle and helmet (compulsory).  Take your camera and don’t worry about being first.  Enjoy – you may never do it again.

One thought on “More events for the athletes

  1. I wish I could be there for the Ride for Peace. It sounds like a great event. I only hope that something is done to make it safer for bikers when it comes to traffic on the road. ‘Share the Road’ isn’t a well worn concept in East Timor.

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