Yep, it did rain again

Having previously bagged the forecasters for predicting rain which never came, it finally did come on Tuesday via an afternoon bucketting.  It really tested the newly constructed drains around town but until I stand out in the rain and watch the water movement in detail, the jury is out on the usefulness of these new works.

The new drains comprise quite a high barrier on the kerb which may annoy low-slung cars no end in the door opening department.  The drain itself seems a little on the small side given rain here usually comes by the container-load when it does come.  And it is noticeable that the drain itself is a bit on the rectangular side making it a bit bumpy for vehicles entering adjoining properties.  The result is that many people have already filled in the drain outside their premises to smooth vehicular entry.  Something tells me this is not going to work.

Nevertheless, during this rare rain event, the roof at home leaked as usual, water hammered in under the back door, the front gate was reduced to a lake and it was business as usual.

One thought on “Yep, it did rain again

  1. It was a really heavy rain. Knocked down two trees and took out a power line. This resulted in 26 hours of no power. That resulted in a non working freezer and four chickens that need to be cooked. I did make plans to cook those chickens on the following day. That night I attempted to wash the chickens but I had no water. Apparently, a pipe broke somewhere close. Therefore, I couldn’t clean the chickens. Yes, I did catch some of that rain the previous day but unfortunetly the bucket wasn’t clean enough to use the water for cooking… Today I am prepared and it is raining again…

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