Bring back the drums

Last week, it was the phones. This week, it is increasingly becoming power. We seem to be back to daily power cuts which would appear to be scheduled to give everyone a fair go. Based on past experience, this indicates a shortfall in generating capacity and I understand that another generator has bitten the dust.

Lots of power cuts mean lots of lost productivity and more stresses on equipment. More time to find out that the generator monitoring person has not filled the diesel tank or has no reserve supply of fuel. More time to mutter – “let’s go to the pub instead”.

Doesn’t really matter – no-one sets the time on a microwave in Dili anyway. Expect cuts like this until New Year.

3 thoughts on “Bring back the drums

  1. Well it seems as though the power cuts have something to do with a severe case of water contamination in the diesel fuel supply from Tafui Oil Ltd.

    Since this company is owned by one of the Alkatiri brothers I would not be surprise if this was one of the many acts of sabotage that Mari Alkatiri and his clique are planning to bring down on this new government to provoke public discontentment and its downfall.

    They are out to make the public believe that this government is incapable of running the show.

    Sad if this was to be the case.

  2. The above comment certainly has the ring of truth about it. I notice Jose Texeira (sp?) hasn’t had much to say about it. For once.

  3. Nevertheless, most Timorese do not have the luxury of a reserve power generator so they are probably not accustomed to maintaining refrigerators of food supplies.

    But I do have some sympathy for a friend who decided to opt for the Timor experience by moving from the western-style accommodation with generator to a Timorese dwelling without generator. By making this move just before this round of power cuts, the refrigerator’s role has been nullified, night’s are spent struggling to sleep and days are spent looking like a worn-out old rag due to absence of AC or fan.

    The local paper suggested one of the generators was inoperable. I would hate to think the dodgy fuel issue of earlier in the year has been allowed to happen again.

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