Thumbs up to Arte Moris

“Arte Moris” is an arts school, cultural center and artists’ association which provides a centre for Timorese artists to practise and refine their artistic skills.  For reasons I am unaware, many of the young artists (and it would appear most are in the young category) are into dreadlocks and a Bob Marley-like atmosphere.

You can’t miss an Arte Moris vehicle painted like a hippy vehicle and tripping along the road with drummers beating away inside.  You might even think they are on the magic mushrooms.  But I don’t think so.

Yesterday I saw them setup a rock concert-like event down at Christo Rei near “Sol E Mar”.  There was much music whether from the Arte Moris band or recorded music in between.  There was dancing on the sand and many others joined in from time-to-time.

Again, you might think “drop-outs” …  until the entire group moves up and down the entire beach collecting rubbish before returning to the reggae beat.  No evidence of stimulating substances either.  So who would you pull over for a shakedown ?  An Arte Moris student or a “suit” ?

One thought on “Thumbs up to Arte Moris

  1. Visiting Arte Morris was a highlight of my brief visit to Timor Leste in August. We had a tour, and it had a great atmosphere.

    It felt like a little haven of peaceful colour.

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