Clean air

Apart from when it is windy and you might cop a lungful of dust, Dili air approaches magnificent … except when you pass the odd ablution premises in need of a bit of a rinse or a rubbish receptacle being gorged by a ravenous pig.

If I was an Olympic athlete (shooters and other more sedentary “athletes” excluded) I would be very nervous about next year’s Beijing Olympics. I would be doubling up on the clean underwear and praying like hell that competition day is one of the good days. I know you sometimes can’t see Atauro clearly but imagine rarely being able to see the Christo Rei statue from central Dili because of pollution.

Meanwhile, enjoy the clean air in Dili which each and every day is becoming heavier and heavier with humidity. The glasses are starting to fog again … the optical ones I meant !  OK, they both do.