Surfing the wedge

As everybody knows, typical Dili seascapes are of flat seas. Not your surfers dream.

Except if your Hawaii surfing days are over and you are surfing the wedge. Yes, you can surf off the beaches of Dili. No, it aint your typical Hawaiian cliff-like wave, but more your entry-level wave to the retirement home.

One metre hangers. Only old farts need apply. Scotch drinkers preferred. Bring your own panadol.

I am expecting a bit of flak for this one.

10 thoughts on “Surfing the wedge

  1. Does this have something to do with the ‘Purple Cow’ surf board I saw on the roof of a car yesterday?

  2. Indeed it does. I presume the Purple Cow surfboard is an article of history. I promised the guys I would not spill the beans on their private beach or the 2 hour break while the “Purple Cow” carrying vehicle got bogged on the beach.

    However, I should point out that I have never stood on a surfboard in my life. As always, I like to watch.

  3. The response was :

    “… as for the “retirement home”, “old farts”, “panadol” — I’ll be seeing you …”

    All references to vegetables and anatomical parts have been removed in order to maintain public decency.

  4. It was an awesome day out, fully sick out the back, and one old fart dropping in on another – but then there were only two of us. The whole Timor Gerry Hatrix Surf Team
    Thanks squats, but its a secret, we cant tell the world where the wedge is……

  5. PS – Purple Cow History 101:
    The “Purple Cow” has its roots embedded in the Duke history books (Hawaii), couriered into Timor-Leste in late 99, spending a little time gathering dust before an ocassional trip to the Bay of Cortez size surf (compared to Dili) in Bali.
    Eventually it gathered dust once more, relegated to being an article akin to an art work in a lounge for some time until it was found by a hotel wanting a sign. The hotel was “The Purple Cow”, named after the famed Purple Cows that once roamed (somehere).
    Subsequently it was nailed to a tree where it hung miserably for some time, peering horizontally at Christo Rei with a weird kind of yellowy sadness.
    The hotel has had about 10 name changes since, but during one such change the board was collected by a wise man who expressed an interest in such things- again the Purple Cow was used as a dust cover for a floor and cupboard until sighted out the rear of the illustrious Monkey Bar.
    Tied to the roof of one unique 4X4, it made its way into another house where yours truly eventually waxed, attached one new leg rope compliments of some more recent Bali travellers, and tackled the roar of Dili’s pounding surf (yes, it was real wax as well).
    Whew…. I better have a scotch…. and wheel myself to somewhere quiet…

  6. Is the wedge a real spot, I want to know…Please
    I’ve been ripping it up for two years in Dili, I’ve found a lot of maybe spots and a couple of real shallow fast ones, but no good wedge’s… Lets share the love….

    Ex hawaiian surf in need of a few good ones..


  7. Sorry. I have promised the “born-again bogans” not to reveal the location at risk of being flogged with a dead fish and thrown head first off Pig Bridge blindfolded and hog-tied.

  8. What, it’s not like it’s going to be a packed line-up. It’s more better if there are two or three so someone can Say…” yes it was like that”
    Pig Bridge, is that a hint…?

    T-Bar bay in the middle was head high a few weeks ago, for real…

    Secret spot, further west of T-bar breaks real close in… good left and right.
    “Goats” is good when you don’t think it could be.
    “The Hole” is scary, always so many fish hanging around.
    “Racer X” is a very good left, with some big coral heads to dodge.

    Need to go to south coast, would like to hook up with some others for a safari… Next few months or so… Let me know…

    Mahalo Bra
    Ex Hawaiian Kine

  9. DJB- I’ll ask Squatter to send you the info.
    Seems like you know the sport by another name tho…all good, and see if you can wet one on the weekend.

  10. Thanks 2hits
    I’m going on a real surf trip this July, Kupang and beyond…

    Not the other surf trip… I think…

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