The parties in upcoming election contest

Courtesy of East Timor Studies, I came across this 26 page paper from Australia which summarises as simply as I can handle, the 14 parties contesting the upcoming parliamentary election – “Political Parties and Groupings of Timor-Leste”.

It is not going to tell you that much about why one should (if you could) vote for any of the parties, but it gives a short history and names important movers and shakers. I prepared a little table (below) where I doodled a bit and threw in some info. I was interested in when the parties started and also which ones seemed to be pushing a different language emphasis. (The language thing is not detailed in any way. It is just a summary of what this paper mentions on the subject. If not mentioned, nothing is put in the table.)

It was also the 1st time I looked at the current parliamentary distribution of seats. Based on round one of the presidential election, the distribution is expected to change significantly, with ASDT/PSD, PD and CNRT gaining seats at the expense of Fretilin. Who knows how much support the others have, particularly those parties established after 2002 who do not currently have parliamentary representation.

As you can see, the mnemonics (ie abbreviated name of party) make it all pretty confusing.

Party Started Current
Stated position on language Key Players
ASDT 1974 6 Tetun, Portuguese, English Xavier do Amaral
CNRT 2007   Xanana Gusmao, Agio Pereira, Dionisio Soares
Fretilin 1974 54 Tetun, Portuguese Francisco “LuOlu” Guterres, Mari Alkatiri, Estanislau da Silva
KOTA 1974 2 Tetun, Portuguese, Bahasa, English Manuel Tilman, Leao Pedro dos Reis Amaral
PD 2001 7 Tetun Mariano Sabino Lopes, Fernando “LaSama” de Araujo, Joao Boavida
PDC 2000 3   Antonio Ximenes, Rev Arlindo Marcal
PMD 2005   Ermenegildo “Kupa” Lopes, Lettu Purn, Melio de Jesus
PNT 1999 2 Tetun, Bahasa, English, Portuguese Dr. Abilio Araujo, Allanca Conceicao de Araujo
PPT 2000 1   Dr.Jacob Xavier
PR 2005 Tetun, Portuguese, English Joao Saldanha
PSD 2000 6 Tetun, Portuguese, English Mario Carrascalao, Zacarias Albano da Costa, Joao Goncalves
PST 1995? 6 Tetun, Portuguese Avelino Coelho da Silva, Nelson Correia
PUN 2006   Fernando Borges
UDT 1974 2 Portuguese Joao Carrascalao, Quiteria da Costa
Undertim 2005 Tetun, Portuguese, English, Bahasa Cornelio “L7” Gama, Cristiano da Costa

Addendum : The ALP web site is no longer hosting the PDF file mentioned above. It can now be found at :


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    just to let you know that the ALP link to the document is available again – we were incoporating some changes into the document. Tis now available in Bahasa as well.

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