The election campaign

I still have not seen a proper parliamentary election rally but now have the campaign schedule which details where each party will be doing their stuff from 27 May right through to the end of the campaign on 27 June.

As per the presidential election, most of the action is out of Dili early in the campaign but tends to concentrate back here towards the end. However, I can now mark my card if I want a little bit of light outdoor entertainment.

Today, PMD will be in Vera Cruz and tomorrow, PUN will be in Laulara, then nothing until Fretilin do Metinaro on Sunday. Then Fretilin are concentrating the rest of their campaign in and around Dili.

Interestingly, CNRT are really hammering outside of Dili and only doing one rally here at the end. In fact, many of the others are much the same. There is no doubt that Fretilin will be concentrating on Dili very hard. In a single electorate vote, concentrating on the biggest population centre makes sense from a “bang for your campaign buck” point of view.

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