2004 Census pdf and a rice report

A very good reference for the statistically minded is the pdf version of the printed booklet called : “Census of Population and Housing 2004 – ATLAS”.

This was published in September 2006.  I saw the printed form and said “I want one of those”.  Now a replica of the printed booklet is available at :

Forgive me if I am telling you how to suck eggs but I am sure I looked for it on the above web site about a month ago and I am sure it wasn’t there.  It was a whole collection of separate links to parts of the document.  The single pdf file download is 13Mbytes so patience is required if you are not in an internet cafe or a luxurious workplace in Dili.  For those on real broadband, you will barely have time to blow your nose.

One detailed article on the rice shortage can be found at :


I will admit to being wiser but not totally sorted on why.

3 thoughts on “2004 Census pdf and a rice report

  1. A Sherlockian accomplishment. Now we need a similar file for the tables
    volume proper (still only available in many html files, so far as I can tell).
    I’m betting the missing pdf tables volume is the one depicted in the
    top-right image at http://dne.mopf.gov.tl/publications/index.htm.
    Some of the html tables links led to dead-ends when I first went
    through them.

  2. Alas, Mr. Rai Ketak found it first. I am but a mere Watson. Some of his links can not be found anywhere else.

  3. Without wishing to sound pedantic (who, me?) its Ms. Rai Ketak. And you are right, some of the links are excellent.
    And are you mad? Running? In the morning?

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