Another beautiful day in Paradise – really

A note to the Darwin refugees – again !

I woke to a beautiful day in paradise. Quiet, peaceful, the last 48 hours the quietest this year. Went for a run this morning !! Yes, you heard right – me … run … morning. My body has been trained to operate at the cutting edge of relaxation in the mornings, building to a crescendo in the afternoon. The flab was getting to me and morning feels safer than evening.

No stonings over the last couple of days except for ruffians doing it on their day off. I guess the gangs must be “workshopping” at the moment.

No queue in the bank yesterday. Supermarkets well stocked, rice available ($5-70 per 5kg at Landmark last week). Restaurants taking a hit again.

Just enjoy the saltimbocca, a good movie and a few jars of Guinness while you have the opportunity. Melbourne Bitter and Worcestershire sauce is not quite the real thing.