7 years – what does it mean ?

I was pondering the 7.5 years sentence for Rogerio Lobato and wondered a few things.  I wondered if it would be reduced on appeal – I guessed yes.  I wondered if he would ever spend a day in Becora prison – I guessed no, home detention more likely.  I wondered if an amnesty might be on the cards after the elections are done and dusted.  I wondered if the poor health card would be played.

Does it mean he keeps his government provided house and all the trimmings ?  What about his parliamentary salary ?  Is he still a member of parliament ?  Seven years in a government minister’s house on home detention would be like paradise for more than 90% of the population.

And if he goes, what about all the others that are probably implicated by the guilty verdict ?

Did everything go really quiet because of the verdict ?  Has it hit the sweet spot that keeps all sides happy ?

I’m just asking the questions.

I have put on a few pounds over the last 2 weeks due to not enough moving about.  I think I need more adrenalin, which I may have found if I had gone to Same with Fat Old Sod.

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