Lobato 7 years

Not sure if this is hot off the press or not but I think ex-Minister for the Interior (ie amongst other things, in charge of the police) Rogerio Lobato was sentenced to 7 years this afternoon.  One media report had said the maximum possible penalty for all charges was 35 years.

I think many people have been waiting for this announcement and it has been very quiet.  When this sort of event occurs here, it can take a day or two for any backlash to become evident.  So even if it is quiet again tonight, it could be Monday before one knows the true reaction from any unruly groups.

It has been raining most of the afternoon and the temperature is as cool as it gets here.  Who knows if this will affect any immediate responses.  Maybe by lunchtime tomorow, there will be a general feel amongst the majority.

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  1. Rice now available for empty bellies, rain & cool weather to dampen the spirits of the ruffians & keep them from firing up those tyres…..perhaps the powerful influence the the Catholic Church has inspired divine intervention! I’m glad to hear things are relatively quiet there despite the Lobato sentencing. May it keep on raining!
    I read an insightful article on TL that was posted in “The Age” last June that was written without bias & histrionics. Remember, the press always loves to focus on the stupid, unruly ones (who need more than rubber bullets to encourage them to settle down). Anyone who lives in or has visited TL knows there are many good Timorese who are trying their best to elevate their little nation and improve their lives. Worried Mama

  2. hello worried mama
    can you give us the link to that article in The Age??
    Yes, I agree, having been in ET myself recently, that most of the people there just want to go about their business as normal.
    It is curious, isn’t it, in a country that is 90% “catholic”, that the church hasn’t come down more strongly on the rabble minority – rather than just relying on “divine intervention”!!???
    Thanks squatter, I anxiously await your posts.

  3. Returned volunteer. I was working in a local NGO until Monday. My take on the general Timorese attiitude is “please, someone stop them” the gangs that is.

    Everyone I have met, loves Australians. Never felt scared by Timorese but I don’t have a car so more among the “people”.

    I believe alot of this, if not all ,is politically, although, irrationally motivated.
    Partly to distract everyone from the lack of rice and the failure of the current government to address the situation. Bad move there.
    Let them eat cake.

    Marie Antoinette

  4. Hi Wendy T!
    The Age article can be found through yahoo.com, Search “East Timor” then hit “full coverage of East Timor”. Scroll down to Opinions & Editorials – the 2nd article is “The Tragedy That Is Timor” and was written 6/11/06 (June 11 for you Aussies). Excellent insights, and I highly recommend it to Malibu Kid & Sick Water Buffalo from FOS’s blog comments. Another good read is the 3/07 entry on raiketak.wordpress.com. appropriately named “Alternatives to Timor Pessimism”. Another mind-opener for Mal & Buff. Glad to hear things were quiet overnight. May it continue.
    Worried Mama

  5. I was pretty much worry going home yesterday after knowing the results of the court decision, expecting outbreak of stone throwings, broken bottles, road blocks, etc. Instead it was a calm afternoon with few worried stares from strangers, then greeted by an afternoon shower to cool things off. My neighbor was playing a Portuguese dance song for the first time in weeks, so it must be a good sign. May it be the calm after the storm rather than the calm before the storm.

  6. Been swanning round today acting as chauffeur to a visiting Digger Dag who can’t get access to his son at the heliport. Quietest day in ages. No wide eyed stares. Went up to the hospital delivering stuff and greeted with smiles and waves, not bottles or rocks. Yesterday friends thought we were crazy walking over the hills behind Horta’s house, but this Brit chick gets cabin fever if stuck indoors too long. Lets hope this all remains quiet as Worried Mama et al said above. But talks of demonstration today, or tomorrow………………

  7. Like many, the rain merely reinforced the decision to stay indoors yesterday afternoon. But today, I have been about and as mentioned above, everything seems cool in town. I can never find a casual reason to go through Taibesse, Bairo Pite or Kampung Alor to test the coolness thoroughly.

    I recall last year when there were 2 deaths down on the beach near Pertamina wharf. The word was to keep indoors if you had a white face and nothing happened … but 2 days later, it did. Takes a bit to organise a demonstration.

  8. I absolutely LOVE staying indoors when its raining. I think one of the best sounds in the world is rain hitting a corrugated tin roof whilst drinking a coldy and dressed only in a pair of shorts.

  9. What happened to the French maid’s outfit and the whip ? Standards, my son.

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