Wet Season has arrived

Today and tomorrow are public holidays and a number of expats have chosen to start their Christmas/New Year holidays right now. Meanwhile, for those that stayed there was the opportunity to have a look at a medal presentation for the nation’s independence heroes at Independence Park.

I was occupied doing some domestic repairs so didn’t get to the 2pm start, but went along at about 3:30pm. For the last 3 days, dark clouds have loomed over Dili, thunder has growled a bit but no sign of rain. Today, this all changed and at about 3:45pm, the heavens opened and deposited large quantities of water in quick time for the next 30 minutes. I have seen worse but not for a long time. But it was enough to suspend activities at the medal presentations.

Guests huddled under the limited cover available and a number of more formally dressed guests looked pretty shabby after a soaking. The President remained immaculate in his very smart suit, which he wears very well.

So that was it. The presentations will continue at 10am tomorrow, the gardens have had a good soaking, the dustbowls are now mudbaths, the street drains are blocked as usual, you have to wade through 150mm of water to get to the front gate and the roof at home still leaks.

But it finally rained.