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There is still a bit of rough stuff going around town and it doesn’t really help expats when they read about “Street Gangs Running Riot in Dili” in the international press. I was actually on my bicycle when this was happening and didn’t see or hear a thing at the time.

Yes, I know where it happened (Taibesse) but only a very brave expat would roam around that area without good reason.

But I do have a bit of a beef. How is it that so much of the info on events of this nature comes by way of the international media (often a bit over the top) or security reports from various institutions security advisors. It really depends on the insurance exposure of some of these institutions as to the advice given to staff.

My point is that there is no proven source for information on these sort of security incidents. All I want to know is what happened and where – just the facts. Having some “security expert” tell me what I should do (without these facts) does not cut the mustard with me. And I will venture to say that a few others would think the same way.

Yes, there will be some who “need” to be told what to do but if I am told the facts, then it is a lot easier to convince me of the most appropriate response. I know there is pressure not to report on bad news but that does not cut the mustard either.

I want the facts before the tears.

3 thoughts on “Security Heads-Up

  1. Just a short note to say thanks for the heads-up on Dili – I’ll be headed there come March, having previously been delayed by the ‘situasaun’. This source of practical information and discussion is much appreciated. Cheers.

  2. Been working on and off in Taibesi this last couple of weeks and your blog is the first I knew of any “action” there. But then I don’t have security alerts for the reasons you quote and am usually blissfully unaware of anything going down. Readers overseas probably get far more worried about the “situasaun” which from my lowly perspective is much improved.

  3. HJ,

    Far too many ordinary expats do not get any official info on what is “going down”. You hear it via mates etc. There appears to be some resistance to producing official reports on problems and problem areas. So how can I/you make an informed decision on movements.

    Most people don’t get told anything and just carry on regardless and then some smart alec says “we advise you exercise extreme caution after 6pm and keep local travel to a minimum”. Because “they” know better about the security “situasaun”.

    I am told the UN is short on PR people so lets see what they can do when they are tooled up.

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