More Restaurants

It has been around about 2 months I think, but I finally got around to going to “Kampai” restaurant.  It is Filipino and very well presented.  At the top for decor (by Dili standards) and the food is quite good.  Recommended.

Food courses are US$2 to US$3 and you probably need 2 dishes if you have an appetite.  You should get out of the place for under US$10 depending on your drinking requirements.  Beers are the standard Dili price of US$2-50.

Went to the “Erli Sun” restaurant down on the road to Christo Rei recently.  Again, a new restaurant with the best decor in this beach strip of restaurants.  To be honest, I found the menu extremely hard to get my head around but there are some good dishes in the Chinese/Macao/Singaporean mold.  I will go again just to try a few more things.  Just a tip on bar/restaurant design – don’t attempt to install a bar and expect the patrons to sit at stools looking into the kitchen !  Particularly when 90 degrees to the left is a wonderful view of the sea and some pretty good sunsets.