Tais weaving demonstrations in Sydney

If you live in Sydney and are into Timorese things or tais weaving and the like, Trish Johns is doing a little weaving tour starting next week.

The “Womens Woven Art” tais weaving demonstrations can be seen from 10-17 November in the afternoon in Newtown, Darlinghurst, Paddington and Erskineville.

I include the detailed advertising blurb in a PDF file downloadable here.

Of course, this massive export drive is going to make that unique tais I bought worthless – you know the one that was going to make me a hit with the chicks back in OZ !!

More eating

“Jack’s PSE Club” (ie bar/restaurant) now operates from inside the “Palm Springs” estate which is just near the OZ Embassy. If you dream hard enough, you could almost think you are in Bali. It is in the Dili more upmarket decor category and probably a better spot for parties or functions as it is not exactly in a great spot to catch passing trade. Extensive menu.

“Hotel Vila Verde” is now actively advertising its restaurant but have not been yet. “Cafe Brasil” seems to have spun off a new classy restaurant adjacent to the current premises called “Keci Keca” – have not been there either.

“Hotel Dili 2001” down at Metiaut (ie the eating strip towards Christo Rei) has now been re-named the “Nova Horizente” which finally removes any confusion over the Hotel Dili name (ie Hotel Dili, Hotel Dili 2000, Hotel Dili 2001).

“Hotel California” seems to have completed its accommodation area and seems to be fully occupied these days. It has about a dozen rooms and a neat looking garden area. No pool but a 100m to a quiet swimmable beach.

Over the last year, the “Ocean View Hotel” and “Dili Beach Hotel” have completed the fit-out of additional accommodation out the back, including a pool at “Dili Beach Hotel”.

There is no doubt there is a general move towards quality in both eating and accommodation these days – for the well-heeled foreigner.  Check out the “Guide Post” magazine which will give you the idea.


Today and tomorrow are public holidays here in TL. Toothpaste. I have become a “Darlie” toothpaste convert. My chance to support political correctness in toothpaste. Absolution through ablution.