Custard Anyone

Just try being here when you don’t really know what is going on and someone tells you there has been a major incident near the FDTL headquarters.

I am sure some gun reporter will be there but I hope not.

Yet, an acquaintance dropped by to say the conference he was attending, had been halted because of trouble, so he dropped in.

I have always hated door slammers but never more so than right now. I nearly hit the roof.

PS I am hiding genuine fear behind a pathetic facade of humour so bear with me.

4 thoughts on “Custard Anyone

  1. Squatter, sounds like a spot of trouble! I do hope the beer supply at home does not run dry…

  2. hey squatter, thanks for updating your blog in the midst of these very difficult moments. I was in Dili in the Sept 1999 mayhem: the best place for shelter will be The Tourismo. That building will be secured by the OZ troops and used most likely as their temporary operations base — at least for the officers and the Lt.Gen leading the troops — that was the case in 1999 with Gen. Cosgrove.

    Take care mate….stay safe, eh, please.

  3. Hi

    Difficult to know whats going on from reports we get in UK. You seem to be one of the best sources of information.

    Still can’t get through on the phone to my friend at Lao Hamutuk. Seems like phone system has gone into meltdown.

    Best wishes


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