Lunchtime Thursday 25 May

I have taken my government’s advice and stayed in today. Both the OZ and NZ governments have instructed all non-essential public servants and families to leave and I know one departure flight was scheduled for 2pm.

I met up with some volunteers prior to their departure on that flight and the info they provided convinced me today was no day to be going anywhere without cast-iron underwear. Not 5 minutes after they left, I was told there was trouble between there and the airport.

I believe gunfire is now creeping into the city proper. I do not know if it is the so-called “rebels” or the street gangs are causing all the trouble.

I am revising my little departure bag but hope like hell I never have to use it. Maybe some of the reporters holed up in some of the central city hotels can fill in on this. It is the tensest I have been but the main problem is I don’t know what is going on.