A Shameless Plug for a Movie about TL

I would encourage those with an interest in Timor, to mark their cards and note down the screening of the TV movie “Answered by Fire”.

It will be on Australia’s ABC presented as a 2-part tele-movie on the 21st and 28th of May. It is also available on DVD through the ABC Shop (shameless plug, but it is MY ABC as well) via the following web address :

And if you are quick, one of the main actors, David Wenham, will be on Andrew Denton’s “Enough Rope” on 15th May (ABC 9:35pm). One presumes that it will be a forum for advertising the movie but I am also sure that David will have learnt quite a few things during the filming process.

Alex tells me that David has been an active member of the Australia East Timor Association since the early 90s, so I expect David is extremely knowledgable.

Alas, neither of these broadcasts will be appearing on the ABC AsiaPacific service broadcast via the IndoVision satellite TV service here.

PS thanks to Ismenio for reminding me about the movie.

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  1. RE: David Wenham, just wanna let you know that David has been a member of Australia East Timor Association (Sydney chapter) since early 90s.


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