The big backlog

Apart from being a bit behind in my random ramblings, I can’t help but notice the “backlog” of ships sitting in the waters off Dili.  There are 2 commercial vessels docked at the port, two being the port’s limit.  But there are 8 vessels anchored offshore.  Seven of these look like your typical commercial freight vessels and one looks like a dredger or something like that.

This backlog seems to have been here ever since the MV Doulos commandeered the port a couple of weeks back.  It just seems to be growing.  In “normal” times, one might see 1 or 2 vessels anchored offshore but they usually have moved on within 24 hours.  ???

There has another little flurry of road repairs lately, with the roads around the Palacio getting a new surface.  I am still swerving around imaginary potholes indelibly imprinted in my memory, even though they are not there anymore.  The road on the east side of the Palacio up past the Stadium has also received the treatment right up to Taibesse.  I almost miss that pothole nightmare at the stadium corner going into Audian.

It would be nice if they had a go at that section just outside Hotel Vila Verde.

For the past couple of weeks, there has been construction activity across from Lita supermarket.  Yes, these are to become permanent structures for fruit and veg sellers.  Am crossing fingers that they will not end up being shiny tin roofs.

And the construction across the road from the new EU embassy (on the eastern side of the Palacio) is landscape works funded by the EU.  Could define the likely future of landscape works from the Palacio to “Pig Bridge”.

The intention to convert all taxis to canary yellow is proceeding to the point where it is now more common to see yellow taxis than the more traditional alternative.  Given the deterioration of my bicycle in the local maritime environment, I will be interested to see how long the yellow taxis remain yellow.

The standard of UN Police driving yet again comes under the magnifying glass after a week or so of particularly shabby form in the accident department.  To be honest, it is becoming a joke.  It may just be bar talk, but tell me why UN Police are the most feared drivers in town.  Seems like many of them got their licences in a “super mi” packet (instant noodles – the local equivalent of the cornflakes packet).

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  1. I believe there is a number you can call to report dodgy UN/NGO driving. Remind me to post it.

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