How did I miss World Toilet Day ?

What was I doing last week to miss “World Toilet Day” ?  The 19th November is now in my electronic diary forever.

It reminded me of some of my Asian toilet experiences :

  • Like the toilet that was concreted off-center onto the outlet pipe thus ensuring minimal passage of articles through the opening.  Now when you are on the 10th floor and and the eventual blockage resulting from your poorly placed “can” causes the higher 5 floors to backfill your toilet (and half of your apartment) with nightsoil water, I can tell you that you have got a problem.
  • Or the one where the new modern western public toilet block is constructed, training in use carried out BUT there was no door to lock off the toilet block BEFORE the outlet pipes were connected.  When discovered, it was a nightmare scene.
  • Or the very 1st time I had even seen an Asian “throttle pit” (ie squat toilet) was at an airport where I had foolishly had a blindingly hot curry the night before and had to hastily leave Customs with luggage in tatters while I made an emergency sprint to the toilets.  I had thought that the best way to transport the suit was to wear it – in retrospect, not on this occasion.

Alas, none of the above tales occured here in TL and I can not even think of any serious incident (actually involving a toilet where it was at fault and not me).

Is 19 November in your diaries yet ?

3 thoughts on “How did I miss World Toilet Day ?

  1. Aw crap. It’s my birthday day.

    I see you are on the “leaving Dili” list.

    Thank you for all the updates, keeping me informed in times of need, and mostly for the laughs your wacked sense of humor generated. I wish you the best wherever you are headed. I will miss your blogs, perhaps you will leave a forwarding URL to a new blog?


  2. Yes, it is true. My time will be up in the not too distant future but as is not uncommon around this town, I may be returning wearing a new hat. If so, it will be business as usual.

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