The ersatz Olympics

It is day 7 of the Olympics and apart from seeing a couple of short clips on satellite news services, I have not seen a complete event yet.  Although TVTL did have the opening ceremony, I have seen no more sign of action there and although TVRI (an Indonesian TV station) has the Indonesian TV rights, I have not cracked any Olympics coverage there when I have looked.

I guess it must be happening as other news reports say it is but they also talk of fake fireworks displays in the opening ceremony, fake singers and fake weather.  I am starting to wonder if this whole thing is being faked in some studio in Shenzhen next-door to the fake NorthFace adventure gear factory.

It is more clear evidence of the whole world turning to fakedom.  I am pretty sure that one day I will make a mistake and make an appointment with a spin doctor to syringe my ears.  He will convince me that I actually will hear better with my ears blocked and will bill me anyway and suggest that I should return to hand in my reading glasses so I can see more clearly.

3 thoughts on “The ersatz Olympics

  1. Even if you could see a single event, you would not be seeing much action…unless you consider men’s syncronized diving action? So over that. Speaking only for myself, the coverage has been actionless, the fake-ness prevails, Kobe Bryant (US Basketball) drooling over the women’s volleyball was enough to have me looking forward to the winter olympics….

  2. I have seen little more than what it on the TV news. I rely on the internet for the rest and even that convinces me the whole thing is a crock. Sure its great for athletes to aspire to the very best that they can achieve.

    But when it comes to the gymnastics, its not the athlete aspiring to anything. Grab them out of a nappy, isolate them from their parents, do the aspiring for them, lie about their age and call that something to be proud about.

    Sure, I feel good about Australia doing pretty well per head of population but is this the way to decide who rates on the “world power” scoreboard. Bah humbug.

  3. I’ll admit that it prompted some insightful conversations with my sons (13,12) on the cheating, lying, parental pressure and wacked out sense of so-called commitment.

    However, one of our best was contemplating which sports are/were life relevant.

    Ditto Bah humbug.

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