Olympic-less TV

I just presumed that bits of the Olympics would be on the IndoVision satellite feed.  I checked the on-screen program schedule last night and no sign whatsoever of any Olympic stuff at all.  Sometimes the schedule is wrong but it could mean that the only way to see the opening ceremony later today is to go to the Dili Club, One More Bar or Dili Beach Hotel.  Or some of the accommodation places that have the OZ satellite feed (he says contemplating some serious gatecrashing).  [Head shakes, eyes roll.]

Tony at The Kebab Club (ie Turkish food) is off until the 20th of August to go to his sister’s wedding so it is closed until then.  [Head shakes.]

The Jardim park that sits across the road from the Hotel Timor has now been fenced off with bright shiny tin fencing.  The local press report that a well-known Jakarta gangster, “Hercules” has acquired the necessary permission to convert the park into a supermarket/swimming pool complex.  [Head shakes, eyes roll.]

FOLLOW-UP : It appears I forgot little old TVTL who appear to be re-broadcasting the New Zealand Olympic coverage.

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  1. Hello. I’m moving to Dili next month. Perhaps lots of people tell you this when they are heading there. Anyway, this is just to say hi and perhaps see you out there some time.


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