National Parks, movies & doorhandles

Today marks the official opening of the Santana National Park which is located way out east past Los Palos.  Yesterday marked the 7am to 5pm closure of streets in central Dili in order to make a movie – an invasion scene for the forthcoming “Balibo Five” movie.

The day before that, a friend arrived in the kitchen at home holding the door handle which had parted ways with the door while entering.  It was clearly an omen ….

For a total eclipse of the sun.  Not here in Dili but it may be partially visible around 5:30pm.

1 thought on “National Parks, movies & doorhandles

  1. There’s an interesting article about the new national park at:

    Does this mean that the ET Government is goint to lave it to the residents of the park area to police themselves, i.e., no killing of turtles, no dynamite fishing, etc.

    As a commercial pilot, I’ve had the chance to dive all over the world. There are few UW places as pristine as ET. I just wonder if the ET Government has the capability to appreciate what they really have. I certainly do!

    ( I spent 6 months in ET with INTERFET, flying helicopters all over the island. 3 1/2 years in ET as a U.N. contractor, diving at least 3 days a week. I understand ET pretty well. Just ask FOS!)

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