The best place to be during the Olympics

Although I will probably watch the opening ceremony to see how the Chinese put that together and I will probably watch a few sporting events that I would otherwise never watch (think synchronised swimming), I am glad I will be in Dili during the Olympics – as far away as possible from the hooplah.  No shops with Olympics specials, no endless ads on TV about Olympics this and Olympics that.  In fact, I think it quite possible to skip the whole thing and never know it existed.  That probably makes Dili a good candidate for those wishing to drop out … but of course, you just end up dropping in to something else.

I watched a piece on TV last night about the effects of the global downturn.  Higher prices, reduced family incomes leading to mortgage pressures, banks hauling in bad loans etc. and felt mighty glad these issues just don’t hit the radar here.  I am just not enticed to take out a bank loan here or whip down and buy the latest electronics gadgetry or domestic labour-saving device.  Am I concerned that I am not wearing the latest in t-shirt, shorts and sandals ?

Will the Beijing air be breathable during the Games, will there be any Olympic terrorism (apart from the Chinese security services themselves), will it be the greatest Olympics ever ?

Will there be yogurt at the supermarket today, or cheese or bacon ?  Will there be a power cut today ?  Will I have to plunge the toilet this morning ?