The bad week has now ended

I believe I have almost recovered from the expired credit card saga.  Not that a credit card is particularly useful here, but if you have a few automatic deductions going through your card and it expires and due to a delivery error, the replacement card is returned and destroyed, and you start getting notifications suggesting that automatic payments are failing, well …

And then you have all this trouble re. this website not being visible to local internet users – need I say more in this post.  I think I am making headway on this one.

And you cop a bad prawn at a local restaurant on the weekend thus resulting in “enjoying oneself in reverse”, mercifully in the ablution facilities at home.

And you also hurt your back by tripping over while running thus making lying down an ineffective vector for cutting edge relaxation.  Well, its over.

I am popping an ibuprofen and am going to stack a few zeds tonight prior to tomorrow’s cultural extravaganza in front of the Palacio do Governo.  Military parade and flag raising at 9am.  Cultural activities during the day.  More military parade and flag lowering at 5pm and fireworks at 8:30pm down at Cristo Rei.   Monty Python here we come.