Roads and waves do not mix

It seems that it has rained 2 days out of 3 so far in 2008.  If water gets in under road surfaces, then deterioration often sets in quickly.  There seems to be a marked deterioration in the road surface around town.  Perhaps the bits getting the worst of it are the roads along the seaside stretching from the Christo Rei statue right down to the Ocean View Hotel near the Comorro River mouth.

Although there have been warnings of expected rough weather, it hasn’t really let go yet but even so, on a high tide, waves have frequently been seen crashing over these seaside roads.  The rapid deterioration right in front of the Malaysian Embassy down near the Comorro market/Pertamina Wharf corner has been quite noticable.  The seawall (only about 0.4 metres high) seems unable to cope with the wave action there and for as long as I can remember, has been pummelled into smithereens.

Just east of “pig bridge” near the Red Cross, waves have crossed the road and further east, the road is getting damaged more and more.

Who knows what will happen in a really big storm.  There is a reason to use 4 wheel drives here.

2 thoughts on “Roads and waves do not mix

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