What’s up Friday PM

Not much really. It is as dead as a dodo out there. I am told that the curfew is really being treated seriously so if you want a visit to the police station, just get on out there.

During the day, it really is quite normal. The increased security presence really does overwhelm any thoughts of activities as experienced in 2006. I can’t see how it is possible.

The international press are now swarming all over the place. Major Alfredo’s funeral and PM Kev’s visit have given the lads (a gender neutral term) a good couple of days. I guess the hotels are full.

I am increasingly confused by all the reports, conflicting observations and speculative conclusions. One thing that one should consider here is that it is a small place. Sometimes it seems that every Timorese you know is related to some other Timorese. At times, it is quite disconcerting. So when you read of “guards/witnesses recognising attackers”, you better believe that it is quite possible.

So when a close to lightning raid happens and people escape, it was no surprise to hear that 20+ people are already on arrest warrants/lists. A lot of local people seem to know these things.

My cyclist mate has been interviewed and I am convinced that reasonable police investigations have been carried out so it is just a matter of time before some real information is released – hopefully.

Meanwhile, the events of the week destroyed Valentine’s Day organised dinners (cop it Cupid) and I believe the Atlantic Grill had intended on an opening night bash tonight. Think lunchtime parties this weekend.

4 thoughts on “What’s up Friday PM

  1. What is your take on today’s article in The Australian, “Trust Shot to Pieces in Timor”, by Paul Toohey? Guess anything is possible. articlehttp://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23222470-601,00.html
    Our own astute George Bush would rout out the rebels – no problem. A few smart bombs and nevermind the collateral damage. Oops, shouldn’t have said that, but here in America we have freedom of speech Worried Mama

  2. Whew. I certainly tend to believe the bit about “who do you trust any more?”. It is one of the numerous hypotheses that is feeding into the media and is as plausible as any other.

    One thing that has always bothered me is that when incidents occur, there is an early flurry of supposition about who and why. But if you think back to past incidents, no-one seems to nail the definitive conclusion. No-one comes out with “after many months of investigation, we have concluded that …”

    I actually think that very few will come out of the last 2 years smelling of roses. And unfortunately I think it is due to a failing justice system – from the police (plus military) to the courts to the laws themselves. If all that does not come up with fair and decent results, then I think people feel it is OK to cut corners to achieve their own sense of justice (or injustice).

    Can’t wait until the book and the movie come out.

  3. Interesting report from Toohey, in stark contrast to the opinion piece in the same paper (GREG SHERIDAN: Timor reveals gap in defence – Link top right) that is total cobblers and completely misses the point. If Aussies are fed such stuff through their respectable papers, how will they (or others – no reporting on TL over here) ever understand the situation in Timor and Australia’s past and current role in the country. Not that I have a good hold on this role, but dare I say that oil might have something to do with it? More concerning is that Sheridan equates Australia’s perceived role in Melanesia to the US’s in Cuba and Haiti. If attitudes like that pervade in the Aussie intelligentsia it’s a worrying sign for Timor and its neighbours! It never ceases to amaze me how reports with Dili datelines retain some reasoning and logic while those of editors sat back home are mostly total tripe, generated without any first hand knowledge. Grrrrr!

    Sorry for the rant, but I had to get that off my chest.

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