The state of emergency and curfew

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a curfew until this morning.  It was between midnight and 6am – times I am unlikely to be too conscious.  Tonight is meant to be 8pm until 6am.

To answer a commenter about what “martial law” is like.  I don’t know as it is a “state of emergency”.  I still don’t know what that is either but I suspect it is more related to a set of emergency powers rather than anything I will see looking out the window.  As for the curfew, I doubt I will notice any difference.  I guess it will probably mean all cars will be stopped at roadblocks tonight and anyone not on reasonably important business will be told to go home.

In reality, these measures have been instigated to stop what “might” happen not what is happening as the situation was far worse at this time last year from a street not political point of view.  And even worse in 2006 when no such official “states” were enacted as I recall.

The streets are close to normal and the hotels filling with international reporters.

4 thoughts on “The state of emergency and curfew

  1. Hello, I am a journalist at the Herald Sun in Melbourne.

    I am told, and according to one of your entries, some expats may have seen President Ramos-Horta just before, or at the time of yesterday’s shooting.

    Are you able to put me in contact with any of these people for a first hand account of what occurred? Are they Australians?

    regards, Mark Dunn, Herald Sun, Melbourne ([email protected]) 03 9292 1128.

  2. latests reports are the same Jose-Horta stable but in an induced coma. With two stomach gunshot wounds.
    Rebel Reinaldo killed.
    Martial law enacted.

  3. Re: Martial law/state of emergency/seige etc.
    I heard something today that I haven’t been able to confirm one way or the other but apparently we are in a ‘state of seige’ of not a ‘state of emgency’ or ‘martial law’. The difference being that in a state of emergency all executive powers go to the President. Obviously the President is unable to perform his duties at present so the responsibility would fall to the vice-president. A state of seige means that executive powers fall to the Prime Minister. I don’t know how true this is. Maybe someone with a knowledge and copy of the constituion could let us know?


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