Dengue valley

Now that the 6th expat I know has succumbed to dengue fever within the last month, I reckon it is becoming an issue.  Hearing of the 5 or so days of lying prone in bed feeling like crap certainly has elevated my analness re. slapping on a bit of the old “Eau de Repellent”.

However, one of my doctor mates says it is still nowhere near as bad as it was at this time 3 years ago.  I am not sure exactly how it all works, but dengue mozzies operate in a short range and if you just happen to operate in the same zone, you are choice material unless you have the appropriate chemical arsenal on hand.

If you add in the number of people who have suffered some form of gastric utterance over the last month, it seems like a pretty unhealthy time all up.  I haven’t heard of any malaria issues so see no need to stock up on the gin just so I can get enough tonic into me (yet).  Are you with me ?