Security Situasaun

Recent deaths around town and other anecdotal evidence suggests that the security situation is tending towards deterioration.  Most long-term expats tend to ignore the isolated incidents until it affects them personally.  It’s nothing like last year or early this year, but the worm seems to be heading up slowly once again.

I have heard of a couple of incidents where ex-pats have been cornered by groups of locals where the aim appears to have been to take money.  As in the past, solo women seem to be  deemed an easier target.  Travelling down small narrow laneways or taking taxis seem to be the higher risk movements.  And being followed after using one of the ANZ ATM money machines to load up with cash.

Last year, I developed the habit of using an old decrepit wallet with only the bare essentials in it.  So if I am ever done over, I am hoping the moths will tickle them into submission.  I am also tempted to install a personal protection device (ie a big stick) on my bicycle.  Some would say I am also taking ugly pills – sorry, but no … it’s genetic.