Phillip Adams on TL via Radio OZ

A well-known and sometimes polarising OZ journo, Phillip Adams, has spent 2 weeks here in TL doing research and interviews for a forthcoming radio documentary on his “Late Night Live” program on OZ Radio National. This will also be broadcast on Radio Australia and no doubt will be downloadable from the Radio National or Radio Australia websites.

For those in Dili, listen in to local Radio OZ FM at 8pm on Monday 22 October.
As a teaser, you might like to read the blog of his 2 week experience which can be found at

Phil has a long career which includes being a producer of one of the Barry McKenzie movies in the 70s – a big tick from me.  I suppose he would see himself as a social commentator these days.

Being an ex-resident of the Hotel Dili, I pooh-pooh his 1-star hotel rating. OK, he got one of the smaller rooms and not one with a spa bath but he must be living high on the hog these days.