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There have not been too many changes in this area of late so this post covers a couple of months now.

The Pinoy Filipino restaurant near the Esplanada Hotel seems to have closed again.

Hotel California has opened and despite its 1st floor view to die for, it doesn’t seem to have attracted that many customers. It can seat about 35 but if you go there with a group of 10 beer drinkers, they may not be able to supply cold beer for long. The menu is pretty ordinary.

I finally got around to eating at the Happy Chinese restaurant on Comorro Road near the heliport. At night, this is perhaps not the greatest location from a security point of view but the food seemed OK to me. It is Cantonese food we are talking about here. Mark down the Sichuan chili chicken as a pretty good version of this Chongqing-style dish. Chili lovers take note.

Down in the Metiaut area on the way to Christo Rei, a new Vietnamese restaurant is taking shape next to Little Pattaya. It is called Saigon which suggests it is related to the Saigon restaurant near the Vila Verde cathedral. It looks very close to opening time.

My favourite juice bar Sol e Mar is now completely overwhelmed with Portuguese types wearing tight swimwear and rippling muscle. It is not the reason I go there now !!

One wonders just how long the Metiaut restaurants can last. One would think too many but competition may sort things out.

I am still hanging out for the new coffee season crop – not expected for another week or two.

I have updated my Dili Landmarks in Google Earth, so go here for the latest update.

1 thought on “Restaurant News

  1. The Saigon Vietnamese restaurant near the Vila Verde cathedral is no longer there. So I guess this confirms that the restaurant has actually moved.

    Adding another restaurant to the Metiaut area is really applying pressure. There are probably too many and at the end of the day, only the ones with the best food will survive.

    I heard that Hotel California will be installing extra refrigeration soon so beer drinkers will be saved. Only need to change the music selection now !

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